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Introducing our new Job Openings tab on the main menu!

June 2020 is going to introduce a wide range of changes to what and how you’ve seen and/or thought of the Subjective Dance Company prior to date. Some are tasks we have been holding on to for years and others that are fresh ideas worth putting into action! As a result, our administration office is looking for the right personnel to propel Subjective Dance Club Virginia into the future. As expected, we’re also hiring for dance instructors of various styles and skill sets for the Subjective Dance Company Development Program.

We’re not going to let these times of quarantined living stunt our growth towards SDCVA goals and fulfilling our mission to be a dance club that provides dance opportunities and/or training and raises awareness of individual dancers, dance teams, dance organizations, dance crews, and dance companies populating the urban communities in and around the Greater Richmond Region of Virginia.

With that being said, WE ARE LOOKING FOR JOURNALISTS AND MEDIA PERSONNEL who are highly motivated, ready to work, in love with the art of dance, and seeking ways to expand their portfolios.

Do you think we might have something for you or you have something we need?
Visit our Job Openings tab and take a look around.

As this tab grows, we desire to list dance job and/or dance gig opportunities from various organizations and not only SDCVA. Let’s network. Email us at


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