A NOTE TO 2023

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Thank you for another year of lessons, growth, and finding purpose.

Without in depth detail, just flying off the top of the head, I want to acknowledge a few moments in 2023 before the ball officially drops in the East Coast, USA.

Shout out to…

X-Glide for starting, maintaining, and growing Sunday Sessions, a freestyle dance session with a purpose of providing safe space for local dancers. All while traveling and winning multiple dance competitions as a solo artist.

Andrew Narsi Pruitt for hosting the 2nd annual Dear Summer event. An invitation only event in Richmond, Virginia showcasing battle dancers and performance based dancers. Blessings and safe journeys to him as he transitions to Chicago, Illinois.

X-Glide and Versastylez for not only making Red Bull Dance Your Style official tournament, but for also becoming recurring Red Bull dancers and claiming wins as a Tag-Team.

Jaron “Boonie” Roberts for evolving into Quadee, a music recording artist based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Coach Gregg and Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Center for coming to an agreement that benefits the youth in the judicial system as well as the Subjective Dance Club. This partnership has proven to be outstanding in nature and we look forward to seeking more opportunities like this.

Subjective Dance Club Virginia’s 8 year anniversary is approaching fast. February 25, 2024. See you then…

-Coach Gregg (PapiiBDS)

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